Beginning Stages

31 Jan

This week we met with Katrina and Tim, they work for the Worcester Art Museum. They will be the ones telling us what they would like to see for this application, that we will be developing on statues that will be on display in June. Each week in groups we will work on certain aspects of the application and then present them to the class, this is when Stacy or Tim will let us know if we are creating there idea as to how they saw it or if we are missing it, in which we would have to go back and redo some things to make this application what they have envisioned.

When we met with them, I got a better understanding of what it is that we will be working on, they explained to use that their will be two applications geared towards children and at least two geared toward young adults/ adults. After talking about what was expected from them, we were able to go up into the conservatory and see the statues that the museum has been working on restoring. A lady who had worked in the conservatory talked to us about the history of the statues. One of the statues had been completely broken and in a bunch of pieces, but now it is almost whole statue. We will be using this idea that the statue was broken and put back together as possible part of the application like a puzzle.

I am very excited to be working on this project with the class, we will be getting a glimpse of what the working world might actually be like!


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